Andres Rossi.


I am the founder and director of Wildthings, an animation studio, and Espacio el Molino, an audiovisual training center surrounded by nature.

With over 15 years of experience working for major brands, I am a passionate creative who loves to tell stories that add value.
I decided to leave the city and live in nature a while back, and I founded a boutique animation studio in the mountains. Here, I lead a team of artists where outdoor walks and riverside meetings are part of our routine as we seek to live more sustainably. This combination of creativity and nature is reflected in our work, which achieves an emotional connection with the audience and a different way of seeing things.
In addition, I am an animation mentor with experience in courses and talks in different spaces and platforms. I am also an advocate for awareness and inclusion of people with Down syndrome, as I am a proud father of one.

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Pixelations 2014
Neactiva 2015
UB 2016
UP 2017
TUMO 2018
UPC 2018
UPC 2022
UB 2022
Anima 2022
Bitbang en El Molino 2023
Cocyam 2023